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Eat with El Aprendiz

El Aprendiz was born by the hand of Noemí López, Ignacio and Jesús Toledo.

Hot spots where squares and terraces merge. In this one, at the back of Primado Reig, in Plaza Rio Duero, like the ground floor of an open community, El Aprendiz is back to class. Its terrace and its new and renovated place welcome us.
Noemi López and Ignacio and Jesús Toledo’s restaurant is already an established proposal after eleven years and a continuous transhumance through the flavours of the world, but without renouncing that certain simple innocence that is taught from the name itself: “We called it Aprendiz because it came at a time when cooking was booming, the television programmes, the bistro restaurants of the great chefs… we were starting from scratch and we wanted to transmit that you start from the bottom, that every day you learn new things and that in a certain way, we are all apprentices in life… in this case in the kitchen”.
Having said all that, the party: El Aprendiz is back in a renovated restaurant, with a larger interior and a backpack full of hot ceviches and dimsums, with its causas and ribs, with a whole range of flavours that take you on a trip around the world of savours and techniques.
Photography: Sonia Sabnani
Space: El Aprendiz

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