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Scenes from the near future

Scenes from the near future, an exhibition that explores the changes that homes could experience in the coming years. Curated by design journalist Tachy Mora, the exhibition addresses issues that directly affect a society that is particularly open to change in the home, such as today’s. It will open from November 23 to March 19, 2023

Babel. Design by Cambres Design for Teulat.

Babel is a proposal with which Cambres Design has managed to elevate the concept of modularity to another level. Modularity applied to furniture and equipment is a system that allows the creation of personalized compositions from a series of modules or standard pieces. Some modular proposals are intended to be used permanently: once the combination is chosen, it is used as is and is rarely modified. This is the case with cooking programs and, very often, with storage. Other modular proposals are more oriented to offer flexibility in their reconfiguration, so that the user can enjoy different compositions and functions.

Proposals that seek to offer configuration and reconfiguration flexibility do not always end up being regularly modified by the user. It happens with sofas or shelves that, due to laziness or practicality, are used permanently, when that is not their nature. Sometimes the underlying reason is that the reconfiguration system is not practical at all. Others, that the joints deteriorate and stop adjusting the modules firmly.
Babel overcomes these mistakes through a simple design, based on only two modules, and an ingenious joining system. For its vertical assembly, the rods of the metallic structure of the modules have a milling in the upper area, where the lower part fits, which presents a reduction in diameter for this purpose. Horizontally, they are secured by means of double caps that, in their simple version, also serve as trims. By coupling the tops, upholstered pieces or acoustic panels from the collection, you can get shelves, tables, sideboards, stools, benches, backrests and dividing systems.

Additionally, Babel has accessories such as flower pots, hangers and a tray.
The design of the modules, in a single or double format, allows the creation of vertical and horizontal compositions with a wide variety of dimensions and uses, even generating multifunctional structures with which to design rooms within rooms. It is a sustainable proposal due to its versatility, since it can provide the different furniture or equipment that is needed in the different stages and homes of a lifetime.

Curator: Tachy Mora
Photographer: Mariela Apollonio
Location: CCCC
Exhibition date: November 23, 2022 to March 19, 2023
Collaborations: Finsa y Gabriel

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