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Sadira Armchair

Every single line of Sadira has been thoroughly designed, paying attention to the tiniest detail, in order to generate a leading-edge piece with a great visual impact.

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Always seeking the highest comfort, the armchair conveys us to the feeling of being completely hugged, inviting to relaxation thanks to its spaciousness and its great backrest.

About the designer

Morten Georgsen

Morten Georgsen has been creating designs through all his adulthood. His carrier got an injection working for Bang & Olufsen for 8 years. His sense of proportions, use of materials, and overall design feel were added to his obvious talent.


Width: 91
Depth: 87
Height: 86
Seat height: 43


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butaca sadira azul teulat am6
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butaca sadira azul teulat am
butaca sadira azul teulat am
butaca sadira mostaza teulat am

Sadira at home

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