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Hug is distinguished by how its metallic structure hugs the upholstered body. The body is wide and comfortable, making it the perfect chair to extend conversations or dinner with friends.

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Designed for contemporary houses, its multiple finishes offer a wide range of possibilities. 

Acerca del diseñador

Cambres Design

The studio is formed by Eric Cambres and Carlos Garcia, both graduates in Industrial Design. The team takes on the new projects of the Company to add their design touch to every new development. Specialized in the furniture industry, both aspire to explore all the other dimensions of the design.


Width: 66
Depth: 60
Height: 79
Seat height: 48


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silla gris hug teulat am1
silla gris claro hug teulat am3
silla gris hug teulat am1
silla gris oscuro hug teulat am3
silla azul hug teulat am2

Cambres Design

Hug is the first chair that we have designed for Teulat. It has been an idea that we have developed over a few years at the studio, so its launching is something that excites us.

silla gris hug teulat am1
silla gris claro hug teulat am2
silla azul hug teulat am1

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