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The name of this collection is defined by its great characteristics, making it special by itself. Creating the form Arista as a handle enable to transmit the essence of the collection as a particular element of the furniture.

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To obtain this integration, a frame was created to surround the upper perimeter of the furniture topped with an oak veneer finishing. The furniture doors meet the top at an angle of 45º which offer a total cohesion between all the furniture parts. Arista TV rack consists of two drawers and one swing door to maintain the electronics devices and the organized accessories.

About the designer

Cambres Design

The studio is formed by Eric Cambres and Carlos Garcia, both graduates in Industrial Design. The team takes on the new projects of the Company to add their design touch to every new development. Specialized in the furniture industry, both aspire to explore all the other dimensions of the design.


Width: 165
Depth: 40
Height: 78


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aparador negro arista teulat am2
aparador verde arista teulat am1
aparador blanco arista teulat am1
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