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Teulat & DXI

A new design for mankind.

How to survive in a constantly changing world? How to survive a reality suspended in the tension between the attitude of the status quo and the problematic etiology of those who want to return to the world an ignorant point of view? How to library the expressive potential that only the elaboration of diversity can generate?

Beauty is the answer and the central element of this reflection because its role is fundamental in the design of space, objects, habits and the care of people in all phases of their daily lives. “Beauty helps people to live better” and through design it manages to create freedom when it builds new horizons and embraces transversal inspirations. When it is recognized as a decolonized art and social practice, building new narratives that link aesthetics with design solutions that redefine functions and habits. Design today has the power to become a “social” action, a dimension of intellectual and technical elaboration in which paternalistic and patriarchal mechanisms and the current social hierarchy are questioned. Design has the opportunity to build a new world with a vocation for sustainability, more transversally defined, if it allows designers, architects, engineers, urban planners and artistic operators to express social, cultural and political philosophies through their practice. In this context, and in compliance with the rules of an increasingly qualified and attentive market, the need for a spirit of justice and restitution seems increasingly necessary. An important element to tell how the presence and dynamism of the imagination of subjects made a minority and segregated, socially and economically, is fundamental in the design of the future. Currently, the shapes that fill the space, the textures that cover an object and the lines of the design cannot help but speak of the new existential and collective dimension, defying the classic definitions of “beautiful”, “useful” and “functional”, borrowing them from the cultural anthologies considered subordinate until half a century ago.

Editorial: DXI Magazine
Photographer: Vincent Urbani
Model: Samba Alias
Agency: Carmen Duran
Text: Maurizio Talanti y Andi Nganso

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