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Teulat Edition & Vangar

Lluc Margrau and Teulat Editions collaborate to create these limited edition objects presented in Vangar.

The Barraca is a tribute to Valencian buildings, with its unique and distinctive shape. This piece, made with solid wood and the vibrant color of the tile, becomes a decorative icon that celebrates the identity of Teulat and its surroundings.

The Barraca Sculpture takes as its starting point the singular silhouette of the barracks, which in the hands of Lluc Magrau, is broken down into four parts that slide together. This interaction of volumes creates a dynamic piece in constant transformation, allowing its configuration to be modified at any time.

The Teuladí stands out for its intrepid character and its ability to adapt to the environment where they live. To represent this spirit, this sculpture has an L-shaped structure, which gives it the ability to perch at the end of furniture, shelves and shelves.

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